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Free PDF compressor to reduce PDF file size without losing quality online
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How to compress a PDF file online?

  • Step 1

    Select the pdf file you want to make smaller. Or drag & drop it to the upload area.

  • Step 2

    Choose the compression level for your pdf file - low, optimal (default) or strong. Click «Compress PDF».

  • Step 3

    After a few seconds the pdf file will be compressed. Click «Download» to save it to your device.

Simple and fast
AnyPDF allows you to shrink pdf files quickly and easily. Just drag & drop them to the upload area and click «Compress PDF». As easy as pie!
100% confidentiality. Nobody has access to your files. All your files will be permanently deleted from our server in 1 hour.
It's free
Any user can reduce pdf size using AnyPDF compressor absolutely free. Forget about tariffs and payments!
No need to download and install any software. AnyPDF is a free PDF compressor that runs in your web browser online.
Any devices
Our PDF size reducer works on any PC and mobile device. You can compress PDF on Windows, Linux, MAC, iPhone, Android, etc.
Compression levels
You can vary the compression level for the perfect result. Choose «Low» to compress pdf file size without losing quality.

Frequently asked Questions

Why make pdf smaller?
PDF files can be very large. This happens when there are many images inside the pdf. Such files are problematic to send by email or upload to the Internet. This is where AnyPDF comes to the rescue.

How long does it take to compress pdf?
This directly depends on the size of the pdf. Small files are compressed in a few seconds. It will take 1 minute or more to compress a large pdf.

Does your online pdf compressor have any limitations?
You can compress no more than 30 pdf files per hour. Input file size is limited to 200 MB. This is necessary for the stable operation of our servers.

How to decrease size of pdf without losing quality?
To do this, select the «Low» compression level. In this case, the image quality will hardly deteriorate. And the file size will become noticeably smaller.